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Here at The Persian Trader we not only sell our saffron on our website.  We are also wholesale suppliers to many shops, restaurants and food distributors.  We price competitively and have the capability to fulfil large orders quickly.  Whatever your saffron needs we will be able to meet them. To find out more or to get a free sample sent to you, please contact us here and let us know your saffron requirements.


Organic Negin Saffron


We are the only producer of Organic Negin Saffron in the world.  Negin saffron is the 'Rolls Royce' of saffron. This variety has all red Stigma and it is far longer than the Highest quality Sargol saffron. Moreover, it is far superior in colour, smell and taste compared to the highest Grade.


Sargol saffron is the upper, all red part of the crocus stigma (called the style).  It is detached by means of an elaborate and delicate process.  This is where all the active principles of saffron are concentrated. This is the best saffron.


Professional Pack 

Our laurge box of 24x 1g is Ideal 

for professionals and  catering industry.  


This is saffron in it’s natural state, as prepared by the farmers.  Each thread is made up of the all red style and the red/yellow stigma.  The variation in the stigma length and style gives the different categories of saffron.  The whole thread is called pushali.



This is made from cup threads with a size greater than 0.8mm.  Highly prized in some countries due to it being easily soluble when added to different dishes whilst conserving the visible part of the thread.



This is usually made by grinding the full thread of saffron.  This gives the greatest solubility, instantly adding the properties of saffron to your dish.  Our saffron powder however is made from only the red parts of the saffron thread (Sargol), making our powder more intense and full of saffron’s wonderful aroma, colour and flavour.

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